Waste Levy

NACRO Incorporating Zero Waste Network works closely with all State Governments, both in formal and informal roles, to support the development of waste levy strategies that provide support and protection to charitable recycling organisations in the form of levy exemptions, financial relief and levy rebates.

All State Governments understand the importance of supporting charitable recyclers, who bear the burden of illegal dumping on their premises, costing them $13 million a year in waste management costs. Charity op shops also generate $500 million in sales, which flows back to essential social welfare programs to support Australia’s most disadvantaged people and communities, through services like food and shelter, homelessness relief, mental health services and counselling, hospital services, refugee and migrant support, right through to a diverse range of illnesses and disabilities to the protection of animals and our pets. Without these services, governments would need to increase their own spending, or see many Australians go without.

Australian Governments and charities have a symbiotic relationship, and NACRO works to strengthen these bonds in order to generate mutually positive outcomes for our environment, our society and our economy.