Charitable Recycling in Australia

2,500 charity op shops across Australia provide a wonderful service for the organised collection of donated used clothing and household goods, both in-store and at thousands of charitable donation points in local council areas.

They also rely on the benevolence and goodwill of generous Australians, who are comforted in the fact that their donations will be used directly to assist the most disadvantaged people and communities in Australia – often in the very communities where the donations are made.

This charitable purpose and local welfare impact is what sets the charitable recycling sector apart. The return to community, and the social, environmental and economic impact of charity op shops and charitable recyclers is unrivalled in Australia.

Charitable recyclers divert over 588,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill through their reuse, recycling and resource recovery work. And they invest the proceeds of $500 million in funding from charity op shop sales to causes including food and shelter, homelessness, mental health, hospital services, crisis support, refugee and migrant assistance, and from a diverse range of specific illnesses and disabilities right through to caring for the welfare of animals and pets.

So please look out for a NACRO member charity, and select them for your generous donations safe in the knowledge that your impact on the social and environmental health of Australia is maximised.

Thank you so much.