Responsible Donating

2,500 charity op shops can help get your donations to Australians in need.

Charities rely on the goodwill and immense generosity of Australians to donate the high quality clothing, homewares and other products that they are not longer using. Donating to NACRO member charities ensures that the proceeds of the re-sale of these products directly supports the community and welfare programs of the charities to help the most disadvantaged Australians.

In many cases, the charities also provide your donated goods to families and individuals in need, giving them away for those in dire need and who simply may not be able to afford them.

The work of charities assists tens of thousands of people in aged care services, education programs, emergency/crisis relief, home visits, hospital and health services, hostel accommodation, mental health services, suicide prevention counselling, medical research, prison visits and migrant/refugee assistance.

The overarching message from NACRO and all NACRO members is ‘Thank You’. Australians have shown themselves to be among the most generous donors in the world, with a deep sense of caring and wanting to make a contribution.

With that in mind, donors can really support the important work of charities by donating goods that charities are able to use or re-sell and understanding whether donations ‘count or cost’.