• Power of the Collective

    NACRO brings the entire reuse, recycling and retail sector together for maximum collective impact

  • Government Influence

    NACRO successfully influences governments with a collaborative approach to environmental and social issues

  • Charitable Recycling Impact

    The environmental, social and economic impact of the charitable sector is unrivalled in long term community benefits

  • Charity Op Shops

    Over $500 million in revenue from the sale of 285 million products a year goes towards social welfare programs in Australia

  • Waste Diversion

    Charitable recycling organisations divert over 588,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill each year

  • Waste Costs

    Charitable recycling organisations are burdened with $13 million in waste costs each year through unusable donations

  • Member Benefits

    NACRO is set to save members $4 million this year

NACRO (Incorporating Zero Waste Network) exists to uphold trust in, and promote the impact of the charitable reuse, recycling and retail sector as a collaborative and progressive network.


The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) enables charities to maximise their financial returns from their recycling and retail operations, in order to uphold their charitable mission and purpose.


Almost every charitable recycling organisation in Australia sees the value in being a NACRO member, not only because we are set to save members $4million in waste management costs. Our member outcomes say it all.


Charitable recycling organisations divert over 588,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill each year, through reuse, recycling and resource recovery, but they need government support to scale these impacts.


Charity shops welcome the generosity of Australians donating quality items for reuse or sale to raise funds for social welfare programs & help those in need. Please keep donating to charity op shops, or buy unique treasures for yourself.

Charitable Recycling in Australia

2,500 charity op shops across Australia provide a wonderful service for the organised collection of donated used clothing and household goods, both in-store and at thousands of charitable donation points in local council areas.

They also rely on the benevolence and goodwill of generous Australians, who are comforted in the fact that their donations will be used directly to assist the most disadvantaged people and communities in Australia – often in the very communities where the donations are made.

This charitable purpose and local welfare impact is what sets the charitable recycling sector apart. The return to community, and the social, environmental and economic impact of charity op shops and charitable recyclers is unrivalled in Australia.

Charitable recyclers divert over 588,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill through their reuse, recycling and resource recovery work, and invest the proceeds of $500 million in funding from charity op shop sales.

Donating your goods

Australian charities are eternally grateful for the immense generosity of Australians who donate their pre-loved items to charity op shops.

The funds raised by the sale of these items in charity op shops go directly towards social welfare programs to assist the most disadvantaged people and communities in Australia. Those most in need also know they can rely on charity op shops to clothe, feed and support them as part of their charitable mission.

Your donations of pre-loved quality goods also helps the environment by extending the life of 285 million products a year, and giving them a second life in the second hand economy.

Australian charities still need more donations to keep doing their charitable work, so please keep donating all year round to NACRO member charities. Thank you.

  • Clothing – good quality for the needy or resale

  • Kitchenware & bric-a-brac

  • Books

  • CD’s and movies

  • Furniture - in good condition

  • Household goods

  • TV’s & computers

  • Mobile phones