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Membership Benefits

The vast majority of charitable recycling organisations in Australia are already members of NACRO, which provides a critical mass of members working together for a vibrant and sustainable sector.

NACRO exists to enable charities to maximise their financial returns from their recycling operations, in order to uphold their charitable mission and purpose.

It does this by enlisting support from governments, facilitating the exchange of information and developing the operations of members to position them for sustainability, success and growth.

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Government Advocacy

  • Advocacy with State Governments to protect charities from waste levies
  • Collaboration with State Governments to secure access to relevant grants
  • Campaigns with State Governments on interventions and investment in three key areas:
    • Infrastructure Investment (Security, CCTV, Fencing etc..)
    • Reuse, Recycling and Resource Recovery Improvements and Technology
    • Consumer Education Campaigns
  • State Government working groups on illegal dumping, charitable recycling action plans, feedback on waste levy policy and implementation, data collection and prioritising the need of charitable recycling organisations in line with State Government social and environmental objectives.
  • Federal Government advocacy

State Council Meetings

  • NACRO’s state councils work effectively through regular member meetings in each state, to discuss solutions to key issues
  • Powerful peer-to-peer information sharing and collaboration opportunities
  • Engagement with government, local councils and other stakeholders attending as guests
  • New member mentoring and guidance on a range of issues affecting the sector
  • Meetings held quarterly and/or on demand

Annual Conference

  • The leaders in the charitable recycling sector convene every year at the NACRO Annual conference
  • Held in October on the Future of Recycling, Retail and Responsible Donating
  • Access to thought provoking sessions with powerful takeaways
  • Member discounts and the opportunity to save 40% for members

Member Newsletter

  • Access to best practice information and insights
  • Updates on government grants, papers and policy documents
  • News on member

Standards and Codes of Practice

  • Codes of Practice
  • Bin Management Standards

Public Education Campaigns

  • NACRO collaborates with commercial op shop festivals and operators to encourage more op shopping to boost the second hand economy and drive better product stewardship.
  • NACRO collaborates with governments to promote responsible donating behaviour and tackle illegal and unintentional dumping at charities

Landfill Levy Relief and Exemptions

  • NACRO works with State Governments on supporting charitable recycling organisations on levy relief, rebates and exemptions

Government Working Groups

  • Charitable Recyclers Action Plans
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Container Deposit Schemes
  • Waste Levy Policy and Implementation
  • Data Collection and Trends

Sector Collaboration

  • NACRO members represent the vast majority of charitable recycling organisations in Australia providing a critical mass of members working together
  • Together, NACRO members hold more leverage to proactively seek more and better funding from governments to support the charitable recycling sector
  • Help us to help you – join today

Strategy Objectives 2018-19

  • Reduce (Illegal and Unintentional) Dumping and Improve Recycling in Collaboration with Governments
  • Expand Awareness and Influence with Consumers, Councils and Commercials
  • Uphold Sector Integrity for Transparency and Accountability
  • Deliver Member Benefits for Organisational Sustainability

Membership Categories

  • National
  • State
  • Independent
  • Associates

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Download the NACRO Constitution here

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The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Inc. (NACRO) is the peak organisation that represents Australia’s charities and charity op shops.