“Charity Op Shops are grateful for donations of clothing and household goods in good condition.”

The Facts

In 12 months Australians donate more than 780,000 tonnes of clothing and goods to charity stores. Below you will find the what, when and how to donate.

Make a difference

What to donate

Most Charity Op Shops gratefully accept a wide range of pre-loved goods, including women’s, men’s, children’s and baby clothes, clothing accessories, bags, books, kitchen ware, games, films, jewellery, music, ornaments, paintings, shoes, toys, sports equipment, musical instruments and bed linen and towels.

Simply drop your pre-loved donations into your closest Op Shops during opening hours. See our a list Op Shop locator at this link.

Please do not leave goods outside the shops out of business hours. They may get weather-damaged or not be there in the morning when staff open up.

Please note that items can be refused based on many reasons including the condition/saleability of the goods; availability of space and/or lifting equipment, and OH&S and other relevant regulations.

Remember, if you are in doubt whether to donate an item to an op shop, ask yourself “Would I buy that?”

Clean, sound furniture is welcomed by charities to pass on to people in need or to sell to raise funds for their community programs. But please call your nearest Charity Op Shop first to see whether they have room and/or can pick up.

For electrical or white goods check with your nearest Charity Op Shop to see whether it has the facility to accept your donation.

TVs and computers can be deposited at the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme free drop-off point near you.

Mobile phone collection boxes are available in most Salvos Stores around the country.

Industrial rags can be made from clean white materials such as t-shirts, towels, shirts, flannelette shirts, pyjamas and sheets.

Commercial quantities from workplaces and businesses are also accepted by charities, but please enquire in advance.

If you doubt the acceptability of your goods, ask yourself, would you give this item to a friend in need?

Never, ever donate rubbish….or coat hangers, gas bottles, barbeques or dirty mattresses!


How and when to donate

Donate direct to a Charity Op Shop during operating hours or call to arrange pick-up for larger items.

Clothing donations should be clean, undamaged, folded and packed in sturdy boxes or bags.

Items that come in pairs, like shoes, gloves, socks, suits should be kept together. Shoe laces can be tied together; gloves and socks can be stuffed inside each other and matching belts securely fastened.

Remember to check pockets!

It’s not cool to donate something you know doesn’t work, can’t be lifted, is broken, unsafe, dirty or contaminated. The charity will incur waste disposal costs and the OH&S liability.

How to help

More than 76,000 Australians volunteer their time to support charity op shops

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