“There is close to 2,500 charity operated op shops across Australia.”

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“There is close to 2,500 charity operated op shops across Australia.”

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Over 70,000 volunteers offer their time, talent and energy to Op Shops and charitable recyclers across Australia. This army does so without expectation of reward other than the satisfaction of giving back to the community, for social enjoyment or for work experience to help gain paid employment.

All volunteers have unique skills and may be highly qualified from previous careers or be unskilled. They may be able-bodied or have disabilities.

Volunteers perform a variety of roles including collection, sorting, administration, maintenance, driving, management and fundraising.

Every day and in every state of Australia, volunteers enable charities to assist tens of thousands of people through their community programs.

Check out the websites of each of our members to find a volunteering role.

Professional careers in the non-profit sector

In recent decades, a professional class of nonprofit managers has swept through the nonprofit sector and transformed it from its origins. Most charitable recyclers now engage paid professionals with advanced degrees and experience who are guided by professional standards, codes and legislation.

Those who choose a career in a charity or social enterprise do so for their belief in benevolence and to be a factor in elevating disadvantaged Australians.

Please contact charities directly for professional and specialist roles within the charity sector.

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More than 76,000 Australians volunteer their time to support charity op shops

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