Charity donation bins

Charities provide donation bins in approved street and car park locations for the convenience of donors.  We value the ongoing strong community support for this method of donating to our cause.

However, please be aware that charities have to pay to dispose of waste (goods they cannot recycle), and this drains money away from their community support programs.

Make your donation count by

  1. ensuring your items are placed in a bin operated by a charity – where ALL proceeds go back to the community through the charity’s support programs.  Be aware some recycling bins are operated by commercial enterprises.
  2. ensuring the items can be recycled by the charity (see the criteria for clothing, rags, household goods).
  3. placing your donation inside the bin.  Unfortunately their is a high risk of theft from scavengers when donations are left beside bins. If any of your donations do not fit the bin please drop-off at an op-shop during opening hours or call your preferred charity to arrange for pick-up.

Here’s a list of NACRO members – genuine charitable recyclers and their contact details.