Donating your goods

Giving clothes and furniture in good condition,is a great way of helping out the community. Whether it is your personal clothes or furniture or items from your workplace, these donations can make a great difference to adults and children facing hard times, by providing much needed items, and by helping raise funds for the charity’s community programs.

Please remember, using op shops and charity bins to dispose of rubbish costs charities money they would otherwise use to help others. 

Make your donation count by following these simple tips:

  1. Ask yourself, would you give this item to a friend in need (ie it’s clean, undamaged, good quality)
  2. Donate direct to the op shop during operating hours or call to arrange pick-up for larger items
  3. Put rubbish and damaged items in your rubbish bin.

How to make your donation count

hyperlink to find a charity op shop for your doantions

Charity recycling bins

Clothing – good quality for the needy or resale


Household goods

TV’s and computers

Mobile phones