Commercial Recycling

To make your donation count, know the difference between commercial and charity recyclers.
The Facts

All proceeds generated by the recycling operations of NACRO members go to support their charitable work for the community.

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For-profit commercial recycling

Make your donation count

Commercial clothing, cardboard and metal recyclers are a valued part of the Australian recycling distribution chain. Many commercial recyclers purchase excess stock and recoverable commodities such as mobile phones from charitable recyclers.

Commercial recyclers are for-profit companies. Wikipedia describes a for-profit as “an organization operating in the private sector which sets aims that eventually help the organization itself.”

“Commercial recyclers must ensure the way they promote their business does not mislead anyone into believing they are donating goods to a charity when they are not.” ACCC Chairman Graeme Samuel 2010.

NACRO members are charitable recyclers (not-for-profit).

They are all registered charities that have obtained Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Taxation Office and operate recycling programmes for the purpose of emergency assistance and/or the supply of low cost clothing and/or the support of the charitable purpose of the particular charity or Public Benevolent Institution.

Consistent with our duty of care to protect donation streams to members of NACRO, we continue to promote the interests of charitable recyclers and demand transparency; and respectful and lawful behaviour from the commercial sector.

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