NACRO helps charities become better retailers and recyclers

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In 12 months Australians donate more than 780,000 tonnes of clothing and goods to charity stores. Scroll down to learn about the sectors representative body....


The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) exists to enable charities to maximise their financial returns from their recycling operations, in order to uphold their charitable mission and purpose.

NACRO does this by enlisting support from governments, facilitating the exchange of information and developing the operations of members to position them for sustainability, success and growth.

Members include all of Australia’s leading charitable recycling organisations such as the Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society, Lifeline, UnitingCare, Anglicare, RSPCA, Red Nose, Mission Australia, The Smith Family, Spine & Limb Foundation, Good Samaritan Industries, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Diabetes, Epilepsy Foundation and many more including independent members like Link Vision, Family Life, Sacred Heart.

The association is run by a National Executive Committee including State Council Representatives in every state to ensure a local, grassroots connection to all members.

NACRO’s strategic objectives for 2018-19 are to:

  • Reduce (Illegal and Unintentional) Dumping and Improve Recycling in Collaboration with Governments
  • Expand Awareness and Influence with Consumers, Councils and Commercials
  • Uphold Sector Integrity for Transparency and Accountability
  • Deliver Member Benefits for Organisational Sustainability

The overarching theme for the year is ‘Year of Collaboration’

The registered objects of the association are as follows:

  • To be the peak organisation for charitable recycling organisations in Australia
  • To assist each member to provide maximum financial support from recycling operations for its charitable purposes
  • To facilitate the activities of each State Council to attain the objects of the Association
  • To enlist and encourage co-operation and support from the Federal Government; industries, corporations, trade unions and the community for the recycling operations of members and to assist State Councils in their contacts with state and local governments
  • To promote the research and development of recycling operations and to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and advice between members
  • To monitor and inform members of legal or political matters relating to the recycling operations of members.

NACRO is governed by a National Executive. Many issues, such as those pertaining to waste are dictated by state legislation and thus specific state issues are managed by State Councils.

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There are more than 2400 charity-operated op shops in Australia

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The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Inc. (NACRO) is the peak organisation that represents Australia’s charities and charity op shops.