Charity wins in marathon race clean-up

6th December, 2017

Runner’s World reports that the 50,000-plus competitors in the recent New York Marathon dumped over 40 tonnes (86,000 pounds) of sweatshirts, pants, caps, and sleeping bags at the start villages – all collected by Goodwill in a huge operation that takes at least 200 volunteers all day and 23 trucks to haul away.

Though it’s a massive amount of stuff, it’s a bit more than half the 166,000 pounds of clothing collected in 2016 and the lowest haul since the nonprofit started working with the marathon. The tonnage depends greatly on the weather, says Jim Heim, New York Road Runners’ senior vice president of event development and production.

Image right: Runners shed warm clothing before the start of the November 2017 New York City Marathon. Photograph courtesy of Simone Dougan, Goodwill Industries.

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