The art and science of today’s customers

25th May, 2017

The 20th annual Global Powers of Retailing, recently released by Deloitte,  focuses on the theme of “The art and science of customers,” and considers the impact that living in the customer-driven economy is having on the shopping experience and retail industry business strategies.

The report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2015 (encompassing companies’ fiscal years ended through June 2016), and analyses their performance across geographies, sectors, and channels. It also provides a look at the world’s 50 biggest e-retailers and the 50 fastest-growing retailers.

On the local front, the report found 39 of the top 250 global retailers are operating in Australia – the same total number as the previous year and nearly 50% of these are US-based retailers.  The report anticipates future international retailers coming to our shores will be non-US based

The largest category of the top 250 retailers operating in Australia continues to be Apparel/Footwear at 36%.

You can read Deloitte’s summary and download the report here …