Easter heartbreak for some charity op shops

2nd May, 2017

The generosity of donors over Easter turned to heartbreak for some charity op shops faced with piles of ransacked donations at the doors to their shops on their return from the holiday.

Staff at the Rockingham Salvos Store were shocked to see donations tampered with after the Easter Long Weekend. Picture: Gareth McKnight | Western Australian

Easter pilfering of donations for Lifeline Townsville store

Donations left for the Lifeline Op Shop in Ingram Rd Townsville were ransacked over Easter.

Like the majority of small retailers, The Rockingham Salvos Store, south of Perth, was closed on Easter Sunday and Monday, with volunteer staff shocked to find donations at the front door of the premises rummaged through when they returned to work last Tuesday. Bags of donations left at the front door had been ripped open and the car park littered with items, according to a report by the Western Australian.  See the image at right.  You can read the full report  here …  

Similarly the Lifeline charity op shop in Ingram Rd Townsville was hard hit by pilferers who trashed donations across the car park.

Townsville Deputy Mayor Les Walker said it was disappointing to see people sink to offending against a charity.

“It’s disappointing, it’s a handful of people doing the wrong thing, a lot of people donate in good faith to people in their time of need,” Cr Walker said.

“It’s a cost to these charities, having to clean up after those people who make a mess. “It is very disheartening for those people who donate their time to help others, at some cases when they are at their lowest.

“This sends the wrong message and it isn’t what North Queenslanders are all about and it does leave a bitter taste in a lot of people’s mouths that people can do this.”

The full report is at this link …