Sustainable style versus fast fashion discussion gains momentum

4th April, 2017

Conversations in Australia about fast fashion and its impact on society are gaining momentum providing NACRO with a platform to highlight the role of the charitable recycling sector as part of the solution and NOT generators of waste (the slant from the ill-informed in some conversations).

This point is well-made by fashion opinion leaders in recent discussions in the media:

On ABC Lateline on 27 March 2017,  Jeremy Fernandez spoke to journalist and author Clare Press and designer Clara Vuletich about the rise of fast fashion globally, and its far-reaching consequences including the problem of low-quality clothing donations made to op shops.  You can read the transcript here …

Journalist, author and strong advocate for sustainable fashion Clare Press followed this interview up with an article in the Sydney Morning Herald entitled Sustainable Style: What happens to the clothes you donate to opshops?   You can read Clare’s full article at this link …

To demonstrate the scale of the waste generated from fast fashion for his three part documentary  War onWaste , journalist Craig Reucassel and his producers dumped a massive pile of waste clothing in the middle of Martin Place in Sydney (see Instagram image at right).

The program will go to air from 16 May 2017 on ABC TV.  NACRO had the opportunity to brief producers on the issues for charity op shops and with charity retailers featured in the documentary we trust this program will prompt consumers to think about what they are buying and  to be aware of the impact of dumping the poor quality item of clothing on their local charity op shop when it is no longer fit to wear!