Dumpers at Brisbane charity bins fined more than $30,000

4th April, 2017

MORE than 100 dumpers have been fined more than $30,000 for leaving unusable donations at charity bins despite signs and CCTV monitoring.

Brisbane City Councillor Ryan Murphy said there was a nearby Link Vision, formerly Aid for the Blind, op shop where people could drop off donations that did not fit in the bins or they could call the charity to arrange a pick up.

“Then there are some people who are donating things that very clearly would have no use to anyone. We’re happy to throw the book at those people,” he said.

The bins were recently moved from from the Monte Carlo Caravan Park to the front of Cr Murphy’s ward office in Cannon Hill to try to stem the dumping problem.

Link Vision chief executive officer Terry O’Neill said the Cannon Hill bins provided about 20 per cent of the charity’s income and the situation had improved since the move.

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